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By: Indiacrafts | October 07, 2017

  • About Pipili Chandua-: Pipili Chandua is intertwined with the rituals and traditions of Lord Jagannath. Pipili Chandua items are widely used during processions of the deities in Odisha in various ritual outings.Pipili artists are famous for designing beautiful applique handicrafts. The local name of Applique is Chandua.Pipili artists are famous for designing beautiful applique handicrafts. The local name of Applique is Chandua. In Chandua designing, the mythical figures are taken for work.
  • About the Product -:Wall Hanging Lord Jagannath Design Applique.This Chandua is made by famous and highly experienced applique artists of Pipili.Maroon velvet fabric is used as base with patch work of various other designs with lord Jagannath in ...

By: Indiacrafts | May 28, 2017

Hello Friends,
I am Bibhuti Bhusan Samantaray, the founder of Indiacrafts or . When I have launched this website around 10 months back then i did not know that we are going to get so much love & affection from the peoples of India. Now 10 months down the line i am satisfied & more than happy that peoples of this country have accepted us. After our initial launch now we are going to add more product to this exclusive line ups. But today i want to write this article for the Young Entrepreneurs who have a lot of Idea in their mind but don't  know how to execute it.

So here i am going to tell you how can you create a Business or a eCommerce Website out of nothing.  Please Check the following links,


By: Indiacrafts | July 16, 2016

Indiacrafts is exclusive eCommerce platform where people can find the rare & highly collectible world famous hand-loom or handicraft products that made available directly from the maker's units from various parts of the world. The main reason behind setting up this online store is to give the makers of the ancient craft a platform so that they can survive & thrive at the same time to make the Pipili Applique work to more popular in the world than ever before.So our basic objective is to make the Pipili Applique Work to reach all over the world & make our State & Country Proud.

We are currently offering some highly collectible items like Applique Wall Hanging, Classical Wall Art Photos, Garden & Designer Umbrella, Appliq...



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